Angeles Investors Introduction

Angeles Investors began with a single pitch night in September 2019. Hosted at one of Chicago’s WeWork locations, a group of Hispanic and Latinx angel investors and venture capitalists gathered at a small executive table in a small conference room. All of us were there for the same reason: to listen to pitches from three start-ups with Hispanic and Latinx founders or co-founders.

Pitch nights are at the core of our mission which is to find, fund, and grow the most promising Hispanic and Latinx ventures. With this mission we support diverse founders and startups who are pushing innovation within their respective industries.

Our mission also allows us to grow the Hispanic and Latinx angel investing community. Currently Hispanics only make-up 2.3% of US angel investors; we are working to correct this statistic.

Not only are we developing and nourishing the pipeline of promising Hispanic and Latinx ventures, expanding the Hispanic angel investing community, we are also developing the future talent of Hispanic and Latinx professionals in venture capital.

Angeles Investors provides internship opportunities to interested professionals and MBA students, so they can get involved in startup investing and begin their venture capital careers. Internship opportunities to diverse candidates that may not be available in mainstream venture capital. Angeles Investors is putting the collective financial capacity of its community to action: supporting promising ventures, influencing other angel investors, and ultimately providing opportunities that didn’t exist. To The Future!