AboveBoard’s power comes from opening up the hiring process to connect people across networks.
AgTools is a worldwide SaaS platform gathering real-time government and institutional data of over 500 specialty crops and commodities.
Canela Media is a minority & female-owned digital media company dedicated to reaching the new mainstream US Hispanics.
Bring greater opportunities to learners by innovating test development and delivery.
We are Chingona! Investing in the next generation of badass founders.
Circular operates single-family homes characterized by their premium standards in design and hospitality.
The Embedded B2B Payments Network Built on Blockchain
Storytelling is our superpower. Learning is our passion. We’re story teachers.
From start-ups to publicly traded companies, Finix offers everything SaaS companies need to build a world-class payments experience.
We believe kids should learn to love veggies without the hidden sugars.
Iota Impact: We accelerate your marketing and sales decisions through productized consulting, research, and analytics.
JourneyTrack was designed with the input of Fortune 500 companies to handle the complexities and needs of the enterprise. It breaks down traditional silos and provides the technology and…
CRM for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Centralize your chats into columns automatically assign them to your sales and customer support teams
MasPanadas – a specialty Latin fusion meal option for on-the-go families looking for healthy and sustainably sourced cuisine.
Give your team the chance to make exceptional work with Mural, the only complete system that offers both a place to collaborate and guidance to hone your team’s collaboration…
Poppy is a female-founded flower company on a mission to deliver quality flowers at fair prices.
We enable brands to deliver contactless customer experiences at scale through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
STOPWATCH handles more than 100 million rows of data per workspace per day, analyzes the data points, issues real-time alerts, and provides data accordingly.
Storybook: Storybook App is improving the physical and emotional health of thousands of children worldwide
Increase the value of your supply chain through collective awareness of performance, results and relationships.
TackleAI builds AI software integrations turning unstructured documents into intelligible and immediately accessible data for your organization.
Our mission is to become the leading financial solution for gamers while changing the way gamers experience credit card rewards.